Canadian McCauley GP14 Dump Trailer

23rd September 2021


This McCauley GP14 Dump Trailer was recently sent in from one of our customers in sunny Canada ☀️

This GP14 Dump Trailer has a export spec dumper, designed and built in house. This is easily loaded into a standard shipping container and designed to be offloaded at end destination with minimum difficulty 🙌

Next up are loads for New York, New Zealand and Australia plus several European dealers and even more deliveries to Canada 🌎


If you are interested in learning more about our GP16 Dump Trailers, please have a look at our Dump Trailers sections of our website. It will show images and descriptions for the variety of dump trailers including GP16 & GP14 Dump Trailers.

If you want like to contact us for more details about our GP16 Dump Trailers, please give us a call on 02879659191 or send us a email to for further information ☎️🖱

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