Custom Made Boat Trailer recently collected!

16th August 2021



McCauley Trailers prides itself on delivering specific customised trailer requirements so when this customer contacted us for a specialised custom made boat trailer we did not hesitate in tasking our accomplished design team with the task 👏

This custom made boat trailer was completely designed and built in house by our highly skilled workforce. Credit to every one of them 👍This is one to be proud of 🤩

This custom made boat trailer includes:

⁠✔⁠ 12000mm long, 2550mm wide, 15000kg king pin weight

⁠✔⁠ 3 BPW axles

✔⁠ custom dropneck design

✔⁠ Ultra low profile design

⁠✔⁠ 205/65 R17.5 GoodYear Branded Wheels

✔⁠ 2 spare wheels

⁠✔⁠ Galvanised wheel coverings

⁠✔⁠ Markerboards with beacons & outline marker lights

⁠✔⁠ Convoi exceptionnel sign

⁠✔⁠ 2 toolboxes on swan neck

⁠✔⁠ LED Lighting all around

⁠✔⁠ Tie down Points

⁠✔⁠ Extendable demountable rear lighting board

⁠✔⁠ Removable galvanised supports

⁠✔⁠ Wide track axles

⁠✔⁠ Side marker lights to flash along with indicators

✔⁠ Variable galvanised supports with 360 degree rotating support heads lined with marine rubber

✔⁠ Height adjustable from bed height to 2500mm.

If you are interested in learning more about our custom made trailers , please have a look at Commercial Trailers section of our website. It will show images and descriptions for our custom made trailers such as custom made boat trailers and other variety of commercial trailers.

If you want like to contact us for more details about our custom made trailers, please give us a call on 02879659191 or send us a email to for further information ☎️🖱

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