Custom Made McCauley Tri Axle Low Loader

7th April 2021



Have a look at this beauty of a Tri Axle Low Loader for Tiger Contracting Ltd 🤩👌🏼

This high spec Tri Axle Low Loader features:

➡️ 23FT Bed

➡️ Rear Self-Tracking Axle

➡️ 50k Spec – Hi Speed brake kit with air oil brakes and load sensing

➡️ ADR 12 ton 10 stud axles

➡️ Double acting hydraulic ramps

➡️ Primed & Paint in 2 Pack Paint in Jet Black

➡️ Recessed D- Rings & Outriggers

➡️ Galvanized Posts

➡️ Parabolic Suspension with stepped beam

➡️ Bucket stops for stacked galvanised posts➡️ Mudflaps mudguards and water anti spray guards

➡️ Adjustable ramp tightener

➡️ Stainless steel bullseye led double tail lights, amber strobes & sidelights & wide corner marker lights

➡️ Outriggers tray & galvanised crash rail

➡️ 400mm Headboard

➡️ Wide Markerboards

➡️ Rear camera

If you are interested in learning more about our Tri Axle Low Loaders, please have a look at our Tri Axle Low Loader section of our website. It will show images and descriptions for our Tri Axle Low Loaders.

If you want like to contact us for more details about our Tri Axle Low Loaders, please give us a call on 02879659191 or send us a email to for further information ☎️🖱

For more information on our Tri Axle Low Loaders or any of our trailers and to keep up to date with all of our news, you can check us out on Facebook, Instagram & Linkedin.

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