FP Mc Cann take delivery of MAC 3 Axle Drawbar Flat Trailer

3rd May 2017


MAC Commercial 3 Axle Drawbar Flatbed Trailer

The MAC 3 Axle Commercial Drawbar Flatbed trailers are widely used by the waste, construction and transportation industries to transport materials and equipment. This trailer has a gross carrying capacity of 25,000kgs. The MAC Drawbar Flatbed Trailers are available with a vast selection of options such as twist locks, a telescopic drawbar, demountable headboard, mild steel flooring and manual pull out or hydraulic rear extension. The optional extra’s offered ensures this trailer can be used for multiple applications.

MAC Trailers are happy to customise trailers to meet operator's requirements. This featured trailer manufactured for FP Mc Cann’s is to be used for mainly Brick & Blocks. The trailer is complete with :-

BPW Axles, EBS Braking, Load Sensing Valve, Solid Fixed Headboard and Tail Board, Mild Steel Flooring, Stainless Steel Lockable toolbox, Continental 385/65 x 22.5 wheels, LED lights, Flashing Strobe lights, Skid Tray and Tarpaulin drop side frames.

For more information on MAC Commercial Drawbar Flatbed Trailers contact sales on 0044 28 7965 9191 and check out our webpage   http://www.mccauleys.co.uk/products/commercial/drawbar-flatbed-trailers

MAC 3 Axle Drawbar Flatbed
MAC 3 Axle Drawbar Flatbed
MAC 3 Axle Drawbar Flatbed

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