Pesci 95 tmx Knuckle Boom Crane mounted on MAC CAT 1 Stepframe Low Loader

26th October 2017


Pesci 95 tmx Knuckle Boom Crane mounted on MAC CAT 1 Stepframe Low Loader

Hydraulic Crane specialists, City Hydraulic Hose Ltd, have recently paired the MAC CAT 1 Stepframe Low Loader with a Pesci 955 A5 knuckle  boom crane. It has been mounted on the neck and is powered by a Hatz Diesel power pack


The prime reason that City Hydraulic developed this lifting solution was to lift and carry the maximum weight within the realms of construction and use with a commercial vehicle, and allow even axle weight distribution. City Hydraulic MD, Patrick Allen, says “The STGO regulation rules that a normal load cannot be carried by an abnormally heavy vehicle. A normal load in C&U would be about 26,000kg and therefore if the load is less than 26,000kg being carried on a crane vehicle it would be deemed as a normal load and therefore does not meet the requirements for the STGO regulation. So this would leave 90% of the truck mounted cranes running STGO illegally. This situation has arisen as cranes have gotten larger and DVSA has failed to police it correctly!”


He further stated that they chose the MAC CAT 1 Stepframe due to its design of chassis, allowing an easier fitment of the crane and auxiliary stabiliser legs and also retaining strength without too much compromise with weight, thus allowing us to build a product with high carrying capacity. We are also extremely comfortable with the quality and affordability of the product.

The final product is a Lifting system with low depreciation that can be coupled to any 6x2 tractor unit, which can lift and carry more than any other vehicle legally within C&U for a cost which is 50% cheaper than the competition 


The pairing allows the customer to lift 17,500kg and carry 17,500kg with a 30ft bed length, towing it with any regular 6x2 44 tonne tractor unit.

 For more information check out the video below

CAT 1 Stepframe fitted with Boom Crane
CAT 1 Stepframe With Boom Crane 3 Copy Reduced Size
CAT 1 Stepframe With Boom Crane 5

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