Agricultural Trailers

McCauley Trailers has established itself as a producer of high quality and durable Agricultural Trailers | Farm Trailers for use with agricultural vehicles. We supply our Agricultural Trailers to a wide range of companies in the industries of agriculture, construction, forestry, waste handling, quarrying, transportation and public utilities.

Our Agricultural Trailer range includes Low Loaders, Dump Trailers, Flatbed Trailers, Tipping Trailers, Grain Trailers, Turntables Low Loader & Flatbeds, Dropside Trailers, Hooklift Trailers, Forestry Trailers, Livestock Trailers & Farming Equipment.

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Low Loader Trailers  
McCauley Trailers manufacture a robust range of agricultural Low Loaders for the transportation of various types of cumbersome machinery, plant and equipment effortlessly. Our low loader trailers are shipped worldwide.
Dump Trailers  
McCauley Trailers also manufacture General Purpose Dump Trailers with carrying capacities from 12 to 16 tonnes gross. McCauley Trailer's range of dump trailers are some of the best available in today’s market. Our Dump Trailers provide a fast and efficient solution for transportation of large quantities of site material, gravel, soil etc.
Forestry Trailers  
McCauley Trailer's range of agricultural Forestry Trailers is used for the efficient and safe transportation of logs and forestry machinery. Many of our forestry trailers are sold across the world to Europe, within the UK and to countries further afield such as Australia.
Flatbed Trailers  
McCauley Flatbed Trailers are used by farmers and agricultural contractors for the efficient transportation of bales and other Agricultural products. An essential piece of equipment for everyday life on the farm.
Turntable Trailers  
McCauley Trailers have developed a range of Turntable Trailers specifically for the European market.
Hooklift Trailers  
Hooklift Trailers cater for a wide range of industries including, Scrap Metal, Plastics Recycling, Wood Recycling, Animal Feedstuffs, Waste Paper Disposal Card Recycling and Glass Recycling.
Half Pipe Tipping Trailers  
McCauley Trailers Half Pipe Tipping Trailers were developed specifically for the European market and come with high specification as standard.
Dropside Trailers  
McCauley Dropside Trailers are a highly versatile trailer that can be adapted to suit any application - grain, silage, bales, stone, gravel, manure, etc.
Slurry Tanker  
McCauley Slurry Tankers are built to the highest standard with implosion rings to give maximum support and are available in a variety of sizes ranging from 1150 gallon to 2700 gallon.
Custom Trailers  
With our in-house design team we specialise in the customisation of trailers to suit individual requirements and work closely with our customers to supply the exact trailer you may require.