Warranty Procedure

If there is a concern with your trailer which should be considered for warranty repair the customer must follow these steps below:-

1. Contact McCauley Trailers Ltd on +44 (0) 28 7965 9191 with a description of the problem

2. Complete the McCauley Trailers Ltd Customer Concern Form and return to the office by fax on description of the issue; provide information on trailer such as Job Number, Serial Number and Date of Manufacture. If you did not buy the trailer directly from us as new please provide details if known of the person who did originally purchase it.

3. You must provide evidence of the concern by returning the trailer or the supplier part to our factory for inspection. To increase the efficiency of this process a manufacturing defect will require you to attach photographs laid out on the template form provided or individual info@mccauleys.co.uk.

4. McCauley’s will make a decision if the customer concern is a manufacture defect, supplier part defect or customer miss-use (not a warranty issue).

5. McCauley’s will inform the customer of our initial findings. If the fault is found to be a defect supplier part, the warranty on this part will be in accordance of our suppliers warranty and the procedure is detailed in the “Terms and Conditions of Sale” which you would have received at the time off ordering and delivery. The part may need to be returned for inspection. Should the customer require a replacement part this process is being completed then it will have to be paid for. Should the part be considered defect then the cost will be returned to the customer.

6. If there is a manufacture problem we will either fix the trailer at the factory, send an engineer to fix the trailer or ask the customer to find a suitable contractor to carry out the repair. The customer or sub-contractor MUST provide a quotation which details itemised material costing, number of hours labour & the cost of labour. McCauley Trailers will give approximate allowed hours for carrying out the work which the quote can be based on.

Under no circumstances will McCauley Trailers Ltd pay for work that has been carried out without annagreement from the office and a valid company purchase order number supplier and stated on the supplier/sub-contractors invoice.

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